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Dr. Nancy Hendricks holds a doctorate in education, a master's degree in English, and a bachelor's degree in English and theatre. Most recently, she was director of alumni com- munications at Arkansas State University, where she also taught English. She is a profes- sional actor as well as an award-winning writer whose play, 'Miz Caraway and the Kingfish,' portrays the colorful story of the first woman elected to the United States Senate, Hattie Caraway of Arkansas. Its New Orleans production was held over for an extended run and nominated by the American Critics Association for "Best Play Produced Outside New York."

Hendricks wrote and performs nationwide in the one-person program, 'Hattie to Hillary: Women in Politics.' She wrote and performed in the play 'Dear Mrs. Caraway, Dear Mr. Kays,' and is the author of the book of the same name. In her signature role of Hattie Cara- way, she can be seen in the film 'Hattie Caraway: The Silent Woman.' She has written, di- rected, and performed in productions of her plays 'Second to None' and 'Boy Hero: The Story of David O. Dodd.' She is also author of the children's books, 'Hello Howl' and 'Howl's Journey.' The screenplay of her most recent book, 'Terrible Swift Sword: Long Road to the Sultana,' is being perused in Hollywood.

She is also a contributing author for ABC-CLIO's 'Women in American History,' 'America's Historic Sites and National Landmarks;' 'Music around the World: A Global Encyclopedia;' 'Technology and Innovation in American History,' 'Political Groups and Social Movements,' 'Disasters and Tragic Events: Catastrophes in American History,' and 'Red Scare!: Popular Culture in the Cold War.'

Hendricks is a founding member of the proposed National Women's History Museum in Washington D.C. She is the recipient of a Pryor Award for Arkansas Women's History, Ar- kansas Governor's Arts Award, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution 'Women in American History" Award, and White House Millennium Award. Visit Dr. Hendricks on Amazon here.

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