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In partnership with the Village writers club

Hollywood Director to Teach One-Act Playwriting Director/producer Michael Dryhurst will teach basic one-act playwriting on Monday, May 23, from 10-12. The workshop is offered by Village Writers Club, a division of the HSV Lifelong Learning Institute. The location of the workshop is the Coronado Center, Room 6. Dryhurst, who has directed and produced such films as Superman, Never Say Never Again, and Hope and Glory, for which he won an Emmy, will address beginning playwriting skills. “Michael will present a skill- what it is, why we need to do it, and how to do it. Then he’ll give us five minutes to write using that skill. We’ll have another five minutes to share what we’ve written with our group of four. Then Michael will teach us the next skill. After the twohour workshop, we’ll have four new skills to help us begin writing a simple one-act play for special family celebrations, churches, clubs, etc.” said Millie Gore Lancaster, Program Director of the writers’ club division of LLI. Attendance is limited to 24 with four writers working together at each of six tables. “Our members range from beginning writers to those who’ve sold thousands of books,” said Lancaster. “We welcome writers at every level of expertise to attend this workshop. New people won’t feel threatened. In addition, Michael, who was born and raised in England, is approachable and funny. He’s not what you’d expect a Hollywood producer-director to be,” said Lancaster. Cost of the workshop is free to members of HSV Lifelong Learning Institute. Nonmembers may attend for $20. People planning to attend, whether or not members of LLI, must preregister at Nonmembers will need to pay online when they register.

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